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Technology at Scale

In order to solve a problem as big as climate change we need to use scalable systems.


Mission 6 provides a platform to organize and unify the voluntary carbon market.  Our ecosystem uses proprietary forensic software that combines AI, Machine Learning, IIoT, Block Chain and Forensic Engineering with standards set by IPMVP, AHRI, ASHRAE, EPA, ANSI, verified by UL.

Mission 6 is Game Changing

Current carbon markets are analog and due to their lack of scalability they can not make a substantial impact in a short time. Mission 6 solves the major problems that have plagued the analog carbon industry. Our platform allows for maximum accuracy, compatibility, scalability, and accountability at a low cost.


Projects are verified and recorded in our blockchain platform.


Immutable recording in the blockchain secures carbon accounting reducing fraud.


Trading digital certificates of carbon offsets is now scalable using blockchain infrastructure.

We can now move faster in implementing and accounting for climate initiatives.

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