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Registering Carbon Offsets to Carbon Assets™

Mission 6 is an enterprise carbon registry with a focus on energy emissions

Mission 6 creates a new class of offsets that are Carbon Assets™ through proprietary technology that makes carbon trading accessible to everyone.

Mission 6 is unique in its ability to measure and verify the carbon impact from energy emissions, resulting in the highest quality carbon assets verified by technology and science as identified by COP27.
While the legacy carbon markets play a vital role in certain fields, the specific expertise of Mission 6 in energy emissions creates the opportunity for businesses to drastically impact ESG emissions.

Mission 6 leads the way to NetZero with game-changing technology

6 Missions

The six key aspects of Mission 6


Technology at Scale

AI, Machine Learning, IIoT, Block Chain and Forensic Engineering with standards set by IPMVP, AHRI, ASHRAE, EPA, ANSI, verified by UL.



Energy Registry

The world’s first energy registry with real time analytics for prescriptive & custom emissions quantification.



Carbon Asset Incentives

Monetizing what was traditionally a non-financial metric allows for enhancement of EBITDA, project capital, collateral, or efficiency re-invest.



Legacy Carbon Market Compatibility

Carbon projects registered on traditional carbon registries may be eligible for Carbon Asset conversion.


Emissions Reduction Focus

Carbon capture and sequestration will not solve the climate crisis alone.   Reducing emissions is vital to achieving net zero.



Reducing Energy Emissions Impact

Emissions due to energy consumption and production are a substantial challenge to net zero.  Ex. HVAC use has the ability to negate all combined sustainability efforts worldwide.

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