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Digital Carbon Asset

M6 creates a future where  participating in sustainability is profitable and accesible to everyone.

M6 is the World’s Most Sustainable Digital Asset

M6 is bitcoin re-engineered for sustainability. Unlike bitcoin, M6 has a positive intrinsic value. M6 represents the reduction of energy use and mitigated carbon emissions.


Mining bitcoin is easy but expensive. Large server farms are set up to mine, consuming resources. Bitcoin was engineered to derive its value from the consumption of resources: electrical power, computation, facilities, human resources, and time. It is based on Proof of Work.  


M6 is mined with a new method: Proof of Certification (patent pending). Mining is completed through projects that mitigate energy and carbon.  After Proof of Certification is completed, Mission 6 issues M6 as a digital asset to the miners. 

The value of M6 is derived from the carbon prevented and the expense of the mining projects.

The M6 asset encompasses all of the expense required to mitigate energy and carbon. M6 is difficult to mine as it requires humans to change their consumption and carbon output. M6 is the highest value digital asset.


The M6 asset uses a net-neutral blockchain. Learn more here.


Link to the official M6 digital asset

The supply of M6 is finite. Bitcoin total supply is 69% larger than M6.


No M6Coins were issued to fund Mission 6. There was no Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The Mission 6 M6Coin is implemented as a SLP token on the Solana network with the token address of CH7XnCLxxr3fE8qa7Tt7jU7fXEo3hBjN7V3VeQBc855T

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