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Changing the Carbon Game

From Punitive to Profitable

Economic Incentives Backed by Carbon Assets

Mission 6 creates an ecosystem that propels climate action by allowing large companies, small businesses and individuals to be rewarded for their efforts in reducing carbon emissions.

Carbon Offsets Become Carbon Assets

Carbon offsets were traditionally a non-financial metric and were not able to be quantified as an asset on a balance sheet.


Monetizing and recognizing carbon offsets on the balance sheet will enhance EBITDA, generate more project capital, add to collateral, and drive efficiency re-invest.

  • Carbon offsets are a result of carbon reduction initiatives.

  • Carbon credits are the right to emit more carbon and are an expense for compliance.


Regulated markets legally restrict the amount of carbon that a business can emit. When a business exceeds their emission limit they are penalized. Current regulated markets are outside the US.

In regulated markets carbon offsets can be purchased as carbon credits by other companies.


Regulated markets are punitive  and do not recognize corporate investment in energy reduction projects as carbon credits.

Mission 6 Complements ESG Reporting

Mission 6 does not conflict with businesses' current ESG reporting and carbon accounting. It complements the efforts by giving 3rd party verification to the internally claimed emissions reduction. Regardless of the reporting guidelines followed, Mission 6 creates additional asset value on the books.

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