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Our Energy Registry is Unique

Electricity production is the largest source of carbon emissions worldwide yet existing registries have made little progress to incorporate and validate energy efficiency projects.

These registries  focus on carbon capture and sequestration in the fields of agriculture, forestry and renewables. They lack the expertise and technology needed to include energy projects. Additionally, quantifying carbon emission reduction in energy efficiency is difficult, expensive, and impossible to scale with analog legacy processes.

Our Focus is Energy Mitigation at Scale

Mission 6's technology quantifies and verifies energy efficiency projects at scale. Our software and hardware platform produces real time analytics for prescriptive and custom emission offsets.


Our ecosystem uses proprietary forensic software that combines AI, Machine Learning, IIoT, Block Chain and Forensic Engineering with standards set by IPMVP, AHRI, ASHRAE, EPA, ANSI, verified by UL.

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Real-time measurement and verification of carbon assets


Producing the highest quality carbon offsets in the industry

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